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Gynaecological Cancer Navigator

Coming in 2018, the Counterpart Navigator app for gynaecological cancer will be a stepping stone to good quality information available from evidence-based Australian resources. If you are interested in learning more about this project please send an email to

Early Breast Cancer Navigator

Picture of the BreaCan App on a smartphoneThis Information Navigator is a resource aimed at women who have been diagnosed with early breast cancer. It is a stepping stone to finding good quality, current information on a range of breast cancer related topics from reputable sources.

When dealing with early breast cancer,  you may require information about particular topics in order to understand what is happening, or to make informed decisions.

It can be overwhelming to search through the vast amount of material available on the internet. The Counterpart Information Navigator has taken the work out of this for you by bringing together a range of resources from reputable providers.

You can access the Information Navigator online, or visit your favorite app store to download the mobile version:

iTunes – For iPhone and iPad

Google Play – For Android

Each Navigator topic is divided into the following sections:

  • About the Topic: A brief introduction to the topic
  • Key Questions: A lists of key questions you may want to consider asking your primary health care professional
  • Key Organisations: A list of organisations and their websites that are specific to the topic being discussed
  • Online Resources: Links to resources available on websites or available only as downloadable documents.
  • Offline Resources: A list of resources available in hard copy version, such as books and DVDs, and community resources.
  • Personal Stories: Links to websites, videos, blogs and online forums where personal stories are shared.

The Navigator has come about through Counterpart’s involvement in the Victorian Government Cancer Survivorship Program, a pilot project entitled “The Survivorship Program for Patients Completing Definitive Early Breast Cancer Treatment”. This is a collaborative project between the combined Breast Service of the Royal Women’s Hospital and Royal Melbourne Hospital, Counterpart, Western Health and the Inner North West Melbourne Medicare Local.